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Sturtup Hub

We collect all of the information about Start-Up Hub. 

Startup Hub support initiative, operating as a coworking environment offering its clients a diverse set of services. Startup Hubs offer collaborative workspaces services on daily, weekly and monthly basis. High quality networking, exposure to Venture Capitalistís, hi-end legal and financial services, all this Startup Hub and much more.
Startup hubs are are increasing worldwide, as the are a positive startup ecosystem. Silicon Valley still rules the startup world. Startups based in the region stretching from San Francisco to San Jose raise more funding, make more money and have smarter people than startups in any other place.
Silicon Valley is the strongest startup region anywhere. But the second startup ecosystem in the world is Tel Aviv.



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The Top 20 Startup Hub Ecosystems:
Silicon Valley, California
Tel Aviv, Israel
Los Angeles, California
Seattle, Washington
New York, New York
Boston, Massachusetts
London, England
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Chicago, Illinois
Paris, France
Sydney, Australia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Moscow, Russia
Berlin, Germany
Waterloo, Canada
Melbourne, Australia
Bangalore, India
Santiago, Chile



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